08 settembre 2009

Cari mamma e papà

La famiglia di Gilad Shalit, soldato israeliano nelle mani di Hamas, ha reso pubblico il testo della lettera ricevuta dal figlio nel 2006:
Dear Mom and Dad, my brother and friends,

I send you peace and health. My own health is dwindling from day to day, particularly my mental health, and this causes me much depression.

I am waiting for this intolerable nightmare of mine to end, to be released from this lonely and closed prison, especially since my 20th birthday has passed, one I had hoped we could celebrate together.

I ask of my government, particularly Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz, to do everything they can to see my release as quickly as possible, because every day that passes hurts me more ? they should do everything the Mujahadeen has asked for.

I hope you do everything possible so we can celebrate Rosh Hashannah and Sukkot at home.

Gilad Shalit,
prisoner of the Palestinian Mujahadeen