16 luglio 2009

Per non dimenticare...

Sull'ultimo numero del "New Yorker", Laura Secor parla del silenzio calato sulle proteste iraniane: "The less we hear from Iran, the easier it is to presume that the regime’s strong-arm tactics have succeeded in putting down the protest movement. But the silence we hear is only our own. The protest movement that exploded into Iran’s streets in June was not a momentary flash of anger. It would not have been so heart-stopping if it were".

Il direttore David Remnick, invece, ripropone una sua intervista audio a Natalia Estemirova, erede della Politkovskaya recentemente uccisa: "Natalia was one of those remarkable people whom reporters depend on in every ominous corner of the world: the human-rights activists who know so much, and who give completely of themselves, with little thought to their security. They are the ones who reap no glory or profit; they are the ones for whom the violence and corruption is not a “story” but the center of their lives".