19 settembre 2009

Le ultime sparate del piccolo Adolf

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad scalda i motori in vista dell'Assemblea Generale delle Nazioni Unite, dove parlerà il 24 settembre. Ecco gli highlights del suo discorso tenuto in occasione del "Quds Day", ultimo venerdì del Ramadan consacrato alla lotta contro il Sonismo:
"The Holocaust is a false claim, a fairy tale, used as a pretext for crimes against humanity"

"When you [Europe] confess having committed such a crime, so also provide the Jews with lands in Europe, America or Canada. Why should the Palestinians suffer from an incident in which they were not involved?"

"Even the crises in Afghanistan, Iraq and even Sudan are a plot by the Zionists"

"It is our national, religious and Islamic duty to continue confronting the Zionist regime as this regime has threatened the national security of all regional states"